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RoboClean’s goal is to become the cleaning industry leader through the use of the latest and most innovative technology and products available in the marketplace today.

The use of technology, especially Robots, drives up productivity and produces a consistent standard of service that is not able to be achieved using traditional cleaning methodologies and equipment. Consider the fact that Robot’s “do not know how not to clean”. They perform the tasks as programmed, exactly the same way, every time. Imagine removing the cost and liability associated with health and safety incidents, sick time, workplace injury, employee turnover, tardiness and poor cleaning performance. This all contributes greatly to improved and consistent cleaning programs in your properties and facilities while demonstrating savings through resulting efficiency.

The cost of Robotic technology ranges from $3-$5 per hour compared to $17-$35 per hour in traditional contract cleaning and in-house cleaning programs.

These combined truly creates value and performance to enhance the environment for tenants, students, employees and visitors to your facilities."

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Why RoboClean?

Reduced Labour Cost

Increased Productivity

Better Allergen Reduction

Realtime Monitoring



Fully Automated

Unparalleled Performance

Green Clean

As a solutions driven corporation, we are also extremely forward thinking and considerate of the enviroment. We urge all of our customers to go with RoboCleans GreenClean Solution. We have developed the GreenClean program as a cost effective and environmentally responsible solution. Harmonizing technology with green cleaning solutions is a strong ethical choice of a corporation, and one that does not come at extra cost.

Following the guidelines set out in the Canada Green Building Councils LEED Standards for New and Existing Buildings. We have both developed our own custom RoboClean products and/or we use cleaning products that are Green Seal and EcoLogo Certified. These products do not contain harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) which can evaporate into the environment and have been known to cause a host of health problems.

At RoboClean we urge both of our economically pragmatic customers as well as our more extreme eco-conscious corporate culture driven customers to both alike “Go Green and Stay Clean”

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Centre of Excellence

RoboClean's senior associates bring over 90 combined years of experience in the housekeeping/janitorial industry to our operations. This experience encompasses the spectrum of facilities including commercial, healthcare, hospitality, educational, industrial, financial institution, community and public sector properties. RoboClean's "Centre of Excellence" is a tool which our clients, managers, and cleaning associates can submit a cleaning question or issue and receive potential solutions from our team of experienced managers and associates.

Please submit your inquiry in the area provided below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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